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About FM
FM Electronics was established in 1989 by radio engineers who had a strong pedigree in wireless alarm technology. They applied their technical knowledge to an understanding of the market, and launched a range of unique products targeted initially at the commercial and residential sectors. We remain a highly focused business, designing and manufacturing our full product range in the United Kingdom.
in Jan 2018 FM Electronics merged with FM Security Ltd. and are now able to offer a wider range of security services.

What we do
We design and manufacture wire-free alarm systems for specialist sectors of the security industry. Our products fall into three categories – mobile alarms for use in situations where protection of property or personnel is needed on a short term basis, fixed systems where long range is required, and interfaces that allow our products to extend the cover of traditional wired product. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to understand the needs of the markets that they set out to service.

Where we work
Our clients tend to be companies that have specialist protection needs. We have a long established business with UK police forces, which in recent years required us to signal our alarms over the Tetra network, and provide Control Room monitoring. We also supply commercial partners who provide temporary and permanent protection in applications such as farming, construction and transport. Our business model incorporates both the sale and renting of alarm equipment, dependent upon the needs of the markets and clients that are served.

How we help
Because we are a UK based company, undertaking all our design and manufacture in the UK, we are well placed to gain a first hand understanding of the needs of our customers, and be flexible to provide the products and commercial packages that they need. Our expertise in wireless alarm systems gained over many years is immensely valuable to our clients, both at the time of initial sale and subsequently as we provide whole of life cover for products deployed in demanding real world applications





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