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FM2200 GSM Alarm Panel

FM2200 is designed for simple rapid deployment. The product is designed to communicate via FM alarm receiving software with Alarm Receiving Centres over GSM and PSTN, and also send text messages to mobile phones as required.

Detection Equipment:

  • The system is wire-free – deploying a broad range of detection equipment
  • Detection equipment can be selected to satisfy individual assignments
  • 64 fully flexible alarm zones
  • Select from FM’s full range of detectors to provide comprehensive cover

System Management:

  • Unauthorised access to system is detected by anti tamper protection
  • Remote arming is provided via a configurable remote controller
  • A comprehensive range of programmable features
  • A 500 event time stamped log allows authorised personnel to interrogate the system
  • Non-volatile memory ensures programmed data is retained during power failure

Alarm Operation:

  • Low battery and tamper indications are monitored for each detection zone
  • 30 day mains free operation is provided by on board battery power
  • Extended mains free operation is delivered via an external battery connector

System Monitoring:

  • Signaling by GSM mobile phone and PSTN telephone line
  • GSM signal strength indication provided on the control unit
  • Dual signaling provides fail safe communication
  • 16 user defined alarm messages of 22 character length available
  • SMS alarm messages may be sent directly to key holders

Physical Characteristics:

  • Control unit dimensions: 245mm wide x 270mm high x 120mm deep
  • Padlock eyes provided on control units prevent unauthorised access or removal
  • Matched carrying case available for transport of detection devices


  • System designed to comply with PD6662:2004 Grade 1 requirements
  • Control unit supplied in a rugged case conforming to IP54





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